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    Dear Zoe,
    It really brightened my day to hear from you, my first "Quit Sister". It made me feel doubly great to hear that you and your hubby are still NTAPing like I am. I can't post as often as I'd like because of the restrictions they've put on us at work about accessing any social networking sites. If those restrictions had been in place when we started our quits I'm not sure I'd have made it. Back then I needed the interaction with the group here on almost a daily (hourly) basis. Your posts in particular were a godsend to me. Thank you. I still try to post weekly but now it's more of a way of saying "thank you" to Joel, Zep and the rest of the people here. I know I owe them and maybe I can make it a little easier for some of the newbies.

    I know you're feeling the comfort that I do now.
    Love, YQB,
    Pat (Gold and a bit, like you)
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    Reply from yuandmee:
    QB Pat,

    So happy to have found you again and find out that we have another thing in common. Our hearts. Amazing. This site and you made all the difference for me!!! My hubby smiled when I relayed your well wishes to him. I'll have to get used to this new format but I will and give back as much as I can...

    Thanks again for being here...

    yep. NTAP rules!!!